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Thursday, September 30, 1999



Mumford a prescription for fun

Chore synonymous with hard work

Battershell urges freaks

Cornell's solo album cutivates own sound

Battershell urges freaks

Photo by Mick Rock
EASY, BREEZY, BEAUTIFUL... BATTERSHELL. Granted, they go through more lipstick than your average punk band, but that doesn't mean Battershell can't rock with the best of 'em. See them tonight at Call The Office.

By Luke Rundle
Gazette Staff

Using the word "eclectic" to describe New York's Battershell barely does them justice. Influenced by artists ranging from Johnny Cash and Elvis to Billy Idol and Jimmy Page, Battershell bring generous amounts of fun, frolicking and a little bit of fornication to their brand of aural intercourse.

Lead singer/guitarist Tammy Lynn describes a typical live performance as being like, "Pippi Longstockings tripping through Candyland wearing edible underwear with a distorted crush on Sergeant Pepper's naked nephew Sid Vicious." This analogy almost makes one feel like Alice after following a rabbit down the rabbit hole, only the Battershell Wonderland is much more unique and abstract.

"Sometimes I throw my underwear off the stage," Lynn says, in describing their concert experience. "They're always clean. We're so approachable because we're silly, fun-loving freaks. There's no rockstar-ness in us at all. When somebody talks to us, we're like, 'Talk to us longer, pleeease!'"

Battershell formed three short years ago in New York, when Lynn discovered drummer Charlie Lauth and bassist/vocalist Hannah Head living and playing out of a dumpster behind the local Piggly Wiggly. Performances at diverse venues such as the South By Southwest Festival, bowling alleys and schoolyards followed.

As a result, Battershell accumulated a vast array of truly freaky but kindhearted fans, whom the band has dubbed "luv punks" and named their newest album after.

"'Luv Punk' is a revolution," Lynn reveals. "It's mostly just freaky fans who give us letters and emails and drawings from all over the country. I meet them on the road, they're kind of like the KISS army."

The Luv Punks album carries with it a bite-sized piece of Battershell's quirky brand of humour. From the kissin' cousin ballad "Inbred Picnic" to their hilarious tribute cover of Billy Idol's "White Wedding," Luv Punks urges even the most stoic listener to get naked, grease up and join the movement.

"We love Generation X and we've covered 'One Way Or Another' by Blondie. We do a couple of cover songs and do it for nobody else but ourselves and we like it," Lynn claims. "We want to please the whole planet and sure, half the planet's gonna think we suck, but the other half's gonna be in love with us and that's fine by me."

Not simply content to discuss upcoming appearances, Lynn reveals Battershell's future plans for world domination.

"Besides conquering the planet and recruiting everyone in the Luv Punks, we're going to be touring Canada in a little stint in September and early October," Lynn says. "From there, we're going to head out through the U.S. and we're planning to go to Europe and Japan as well."

Newcomers wishing to glimpse a tiny bit of Battershell's madness or join the Luv Punk revolution can visit them tonight at Call the Office. Be prepared to submit, however, for resistance is futile.

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