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Thursday, September 30, 1999



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Campus tank a symbol of life, preservation

Re:"Beach tank a peace preserver or murdering machine" Sept. 24

To the Editor:

Upon approaching the UCC last week, I was proud to see members of the Canadian Forces Reserve 4th Batt. Royal Canadian Regiment, recruiting. Canada holds a distinguished place in world military history, both in wartime and peacekeeping. It saddened me to read the article, "Beach tank a peace preserver or murdering machine?" in The Gazette, Sept. 24.

I agree with Mr. Sean Maraj's opinion, but it was the opinion of Mr. Aaron Wherry that saddened me. Namely, his statement concerning the presence of the tank on campus – "The university should have a better perception of larger issues and morals." Instead of focusing on the potential death that this machine can inflict, I focused on its positive aspects.

It made me hope that someone (other than a member of the Canadian Forces) would remember the ultimate sacrifice made by Canadians in World Wars I and II and be proud of the peacekeeping efforts of Canadian soldiers – namely the preservation of the freedom that my grandfather fought for.

I believe that the "larger issues and morals" are not that people took the tank as evidence of destruction and death and therefore it should not be on campus, but that it symbolizes Canada's presence in world peacekeeping, which is associated with life and preservation.

Maybe those people who were offended by the tank's presence should spend more time learning about the efforts of Canadian soldiers to preserve life, instead of defacing military property. Even better, I suggest a visit to Parkwood Hospital, located in South London, to talk with one of the many veterans who live there. I'm sure that they could tell you a story that makes a tank on campus seem pale in comparison.

Tammy Drewett

Honours French

Language and Literature IV

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