Volume 93, Issue 20

October 1, 1999


White man not always the enemy

Ignorance, it shines through

Posters a sign of a ripoff

Tanning reinforces stereotype

Tanning reinforces stereotype

To the Editor:

It's so nice to see our school is constantly striving to update and improve its facilities. The renovations to the UCC have brought about some notable additions (mmm... Harvey's). One addition in particular has caught our eye – besides Harvey's.

The Cottage Tanning Company is a facility that we feel has the potential to attract negative attention. Isn't Western trying to erase the stereotype of "rich kids" and "snobbery" that has followed us for so long?

It appears that Western has adopted a new guarantee – anyone who attends will be sure to maintain their tan year round! This is an institute of higher learning – have we all forgotten that?

Tennille Jackman
Political Science IV
Jana Butt
Administrative and Commercial Studies III
Lisa Labinowicz
Anthropology IV

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