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Wednesday, September 15, 1999


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Two new businesses infiltrate UCC

By Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

The University of Western Ontario "mall" has just expanded to better the needs of students, by opening two new retail services in the lower level of the University Community Centre.

The University Students' Council is welcoming The Cottage Tanning Co. which will be open by the end of the week and Campus Optical, already open for business.

"We felt there was a strong demand for these services," said Jim Walden, general manager of the USC. In regards to Campus Optical, Walden said many student health care plans already include provisions for eye care prescriptions, which makes the business very marketable.

Walden added there are other plans in the works to open more retail businesses in the UCC. "We're looking actively at some other retail business areas but it's still too early to give a prognosis," he said.

Steve Besterd, owner of The Cottage Tanning Co., was a Western student last year and felt there was a market for the tanning service. "I took business 020 last year and liked it so much that instead of taking biz 257 this year, I figured this would be my project," Besterd said.

Having already owned and run a Dairy Queen, Besterd said he felt he was ready to take on the tanning business and is happy with the results so far. "We've hired four students to work for us and we will be operational by the end of the week," he said.

Troy English, manager and optician at Campus Optical, said the location played a major role in choosing Western. "With so many students living on campus, it's all about convenience," he said. "We picked the UCC because Western is segregated from the downtown. It's like a city unto itself."

Besterd also said he was surprised a campus the size of Western did not already have a tanning facility. "I was quite disappointed, because this is the nicest campus I've seen," he said.

Heather Buchan, an education student at Althouse also thinks the idea of a tanning salon is great. "I think a lot of students will use it. People go downtown 9and now they won't have to," she said.

Although Campus Optical is not yet on the student health plan, English is hoping to bring it to the attention of the USC.

Josten's owner Joe Stanczak said he is enjoying the added attention the new businesses are bringing to the UCC's basement. "If the new businesses bring one more person down to the basement who sees my place, then I'm happy."

While Walden said he would not comment as to which types of businesses the UCC is hoping attract, he said Western students might see more renovations and newer retail services next September.

"We're looking at a group of services to be ready prior to September of 2000, but I'm not sure of how soon in advance of that."

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