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Tuesday, April 4, 2000


Western bigwigs bring home the big bucks

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New dean from down under

VP-research Bill Bridger re-appointed for a second term

Day returns as federal hopeful

New campaign gets million dollar boost



Caught on campus

Western bigwigs bring home the big bucks

By Heather Buchan
Gazette Staff

The names of the 139 top salary earners at Western, whose incomes topped $100,000 in 1999, have been released.

Under the terms of the provincial government's Public Sector Salary Act, all the names and salaries of people in the public sector who earn $100,000 or more, must be disclosed to the public, said Carol McAulay-Weldon, chair of Western's Board of Governors.

Western's top paid position has been claimed by Susan Adams, assistant professor in the faculty of health sciences and a clinical medical doctor who earned $226,133.75 plus taxable benefits of $96.15 last year.

"I don't mind having my position linked to salary figures but I do feel that it is an invasion of privacy to have my name linked to these figures," Adams said.

She added her academic appointment with Western consists of developing academic features for the North Bay Psychiatric Hospital where she worked, including a teaching program and research facilities. She said her involvement with Western was limited and added the majority of her salary came from her work at the hospital.

Western's president Paul Davenport, who was also named on the list as receiving one of the highest salaries, said his salary had been published annually for 13 years. Davenport said he supported the publicly disclosed list, explaining it eliminated speculation as to what university professors and administrators earn – a figure which tends to be exaggerated.

Heather Douglas, human resources officer at Queen's University, confirmed that only 115 staff were granted salaries over $100,000 while John Morris, media relations officer at the University of Waterloo said 150 staff and faculty met or exceeded this amount. There are 2,750 employees at Waterloo and many of those who made the list are in the administrative branch.

Wendy Cecil-Cockwell, chair of the University of Toronto's Governing Council, confirmed 805 professors and administrators earned more than $100,000 in 1999, the average of which was $117,963. Although the number of faculty members in the $100,000-plus bracket far exceeded Western, she said U of T's student and faculty populations were much greater.

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