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Wednesday, April 5, 2000


A time-out with the veteran

Playstation dims the lights but doesn't shoot them out

MLB 2000 - a forecast for the AL

Playstation dims the lights but doesn't shoot them out

Basketball has had a tough time trying to transfer the real life action on the court to the video game realm, but NBA ShootOut 2000 comes closer than any other game in recent memory.

989 Sports put a lot of work into creating the atmosphere of a professional game.

In home stadiums, fans heckle the opposing team when they attempt free throws and there is a musical montage after the home team dunks or makes an incredible basket.

Stadiums are true to the actual arenas, but the crowd remains a faceless mass gyrating back and forth throughout the game.

The dialogue on the game's soundtrack is good, but unfortunately, the commentator sometimes loses track of the action on the court. Unfortunately, there is no colour commentary and the sports talk gets monotonous after the first few games. The same soundtrack is used for big plays and there are minimal catch phrases used for the action.

Although the graphics are adequate, they could use a little work. They become choppy at times and unless you zoom in closely during the game, the players have little definition.

The camera views are nice, but only the camera and press functions are useful. The speed of the game is relatively comparable to that of an NBA game and team rosters are complete with names and signature moves. Aside from categorizing the players as "hot" or "cold", depending on how many shots they sink or miss, the game also differentiates between the height of each player and displays the actual size difference which occurs in real basketball.

Overall, it's the small features of the game which make NBA ShootOut 2000 an enjoyable experience.

The "create a player" feature allows you to fulfill your NBA dream and offers the ability to change rules, such as whether or not to allow fouls.

You are also able to create your own brand new slam dunk and name it after yourself. The game gives the option of playing a full season or skipping right to the playoffs. Like all other video games, once mastered, the game becomes easy to play. However, the creators made sure the scores would not get out of hand by adding a close game feature which keeps the score relatively tight.

NBA ShootOut 2000 is the best basketball game on the market right now and knowing the track record of 989 Sports, it will only get better.

–Chad Thompson

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