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Thursday, April 6, 2000


Misguided stereotypes

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Misguided stereotypes

Re: "Racy Western" April 4

To the Editor:

I am thoroughly disgusted by the opinion I have just read by Lillian Wong and Stephen Black. I am female and therefore obviously not in the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity and even I know that the reason they donated the money to the Jewish National Fund and not to a local organization, is because they are an internationally Jewish fraternity. That does not in any way indicate that they have warped priorities.

In fact, Wong and Black were the ones who were comparing two completely different causes – planting a tree in Israel and feeding a hungry person in Ontario – and stating that the latter was clearly more important than the former. When did the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity ever state that the cause they chose was more important than other local causes?! They didn't. Which only makes it seem as though Wong and Black are jumping to their own conclusions.

Furthermore, they are completely generalizing. In their article, they imply that the entire Jewish community at Western is ignorant. I find it extremely hard to believe that they have met every single Jewish individual at Western. Had they approached me personally, for instance, I would have gladly taught them all about Yom Kippur. They may have had a few negative experiences with certain individuals during their years at Western, but that does not give them any right to claim that they were not made to feel welcome, solely because they were not of the Jewish faith.

And I have a question for Wong and Black – Even if the Western Debating Society did have "a large Israeli flag draped across their table," why would that influence whether or not you both decided to join?

It seems to me as though these two were not made to feel welcome, not because of their religious affiliation, but solely due to their personalities, or should I say lack thereof.

Abby Tenenbaum
Psychology II

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