Volume 93, Issue 101

Friday, April 7, 2000


Editorial Board 1999-2000

And on a special note...

Editorial cartoon

And on a special note...

Editors and writers sometimes have an odd relationship.

This is certainly the case with the group of individuals who, for the past 101 issues, have filled the pages of The Gazette.

Through the long hours we've spent together in the small office we often call our home, our friendships have strengthened with every passing day.

Many times, expressions of gratitude and polite gestures are overlooked, simply because we're friends and "Thank yous" are often implied. Unfortunately, this isn't always the best assumption to make.

The truth is, recognition and due credit don't make appearances as often as they should – mostly because it's easier to assume people know they're appreciated.

Since the talented individuals who bring you this paper every day are often not thanked enough, there's something important we've waited too long to say. This space is the last time we'll ask for your attention – all of you.

The Gazette lives and breathes through its volunteers and would be nowhere without them. If you've ever left the office unsure of this, then know now that you are all loved and respected dearly – as editors, writers, photographers, artists, volunteers and friends. Your talents will carry you on to bigger things.

It is these same editors and volunteers who flock to the second floor of the University Community Centre every day who make you laugh, cry and even steam at the ears.

This space could not be complete without acknowledging the readers of The Gazette. Thank you for picking up the paper and making it a part of your daily ritual. More thanks are extended to those who go so far as to check our web site before even stepping onto campus.

To the readers who sent us letters to the editor, emails or paid us a personal visit, thank you. Thanks for demonstrating that you care about what your paper prints and for making it evident that The Gazette affects you. And thank you to those who picked up the paper, even after swearing you would never read us again.

Of course, there are two other groups who seem to fall through the cracks when thank yous are being offered each year and they're two of the most important. To The Gazette's composing and advertising departments, know that your hard work and dedication is commended and appreciated. Ian, Cheryl, Dan, Alex, Mark and Doug, thank you for your patience and continued efforts to keep the paper looking stylish year after year. To Meg, who's here with us always – even though she's really in Australia – we miss you.

Finally, to all the crazies who have provided us with stories to write throughout the year – keep it up, because there's a new crew stepping up to bat.

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