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Friday, April 7, 2000


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Info London finds new home

By Chris Lackner
Gazette Staff

Information London has found a new home downtown core since being evicted from the Galleria Mall.

Joe Swan, executive director of Information London and Ward 2 councillor, said the agency was in the process of moving from Galleria London to the former Website Cafe at Dundas and Clarence Streets.

He said Galleria had donated the agency free space until the mall could find another tenant, adding Information London had been in the Galleria since December 1998.

"We were given the notice to vacate on March 1," Swan said. "We were offered another location in the Galleria, but only on the understanding that we could be evicted again on a 30 day notice if another tenant was found. It's hard to run a service when you're constantly worrying about the stability of your location."

David Hall, general manager of Galleria said the agreement was only temporary. "The space was available and now it has been filled by a tenant."

Swan explained rent at the new location was $2,500 a month, adding London's city council agreed to pay the rent for the first seven months. "Information London is a charity," Swan explained. "We look to landlords for free space to keep the cost down. Unfortunately, there was no free space available."

Megan Walker, a London city councillor, said Information London was a valuable service, explaining a vast majority of councillors supported footing the agency's bill. "Information London tells the public who to turn to depending on what information, service or agency they are seeking.

Swan said at the end of the seven months, Information London would have to rely on fund-raising and corporate sponsorship for financial support, as well as asking the City for continued assistance.

Swan said Galleria was very helpful and accommodating during Information London's stay at the mall location, but said moving repeatedly was just too costly. "It costs us about $10,000 each time we change locations," he explained.

Swan added Information London would be up and running again by Monday.

"For me it's a good news story," Swan said. "Galleria found a tenant – we found assistance from city hall and a solid location."

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