Volume 93, Issue 101

Friday, April 7, 2000


Body discovered near J.W. Little

Info London finds new home

Graffiti mars campus

Council takes a stand on O-week

Striking profs reach tentative agreement at Moncton

The coolest way to kill insects

A lesson and a tale told

The heart rules the head

Things I know I should have said more often

A new beginning

A special "Caught on Campus"

Bass Ackwards

The heart rules the head

Veggie Lite

Christina Vardanis
Deputy Editor

To the students of Western,

Through the day to day grind of producing The Gazette, your concerns dominated every decision made within the walls of Room 263 of the University Community Centre.

We tried our best to make The Gazette an objective, accountable source of information on a daily basis. We also tried to make you laugh, make you think and make you question everything around you. To those of you who wrote a letter or came in to criticize the paper's content, thank you. You proved you cared enough about your student publication to want it to improve. Those of you who made The Gazette part of your daily routine deserve thanks as well, for justifying all the hours your fellow students devoted to this office.


Christina Vardanis
Deputy Editor, The Gazette

To our publishers, the University Students' Council,

Historically, The Gazette's relationship with you has been rocky at best. The fact that this year was no different didn't come as a surprise, but it was disappointing. Having said that, if I could go back and do this year over again, I can honestly say I wouldn't do anything differently.

Through all the yelling, kicking and screaming (some of which took place behind closed doors, some of which didn't), I developed a devotion to this job that I'm certain I'll never experience again in my professional career. Having to defend the mere concept of integrity and objectivity countless times not only made me a better journalist, it made me a better person.

And it fills me with pride to think the staff of Volume 93 were consistently able to rise above all the crap and publish 101 quality papers for students at this university. When the hard times hit, our crew not only persevered, but managed to uphold the highest principles of journalism to guarantee Western had an accountable student paper.

I don't have any regrets about how we handled the events which transpired in the past year. I am, however, saddened that the principles behind The Gazette – integrity, objectivity and morality – were always the source of our conflict. It leads me to believe the goals of this paper will one day be compromised and if that happens, it will be the students who suffer.

Employee No. 40016099

To The Gazette's staff,

Thanks to you, this paper had another great year. I know this is one of the most thankless jobs in the world and even though I may not have said it enough, I'll always be grateful for all your hard work. It was the reason I was able to drag my ass out of bed to endure another 17 hour day.

I am truly indebted to each and every student who contributed to this paper – whether you volunteered just once or became one of our regulars who made this chaotic office your home away from home. Of course, enough cannot be said about those who sacrificed their school work and their social lives to sit on the Editorial Board. I know your time was precious and your contributions came from the heart. There's a long-standing joke that describes The Gazette as a drug of choice and I'm thankful this year's staff had such addictive personalities.

Yours truly,

To my Ed Board,

I love you and I'll miss you.


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