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Friday, April 7, 2000


A big (sarcastic) thank you for letter

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A big (sarcastic) thank you for letter

Re: "Racy Western" April 4

To the Editor:

First of all I would like to express my deepest appreciation to the two writers of "Racy Western" for taking the time to write their letter. I made the fateful decision to attend Western just a short year ago and I too believed it to be a diverse community without segregation.

I enjoyed the various cultural exhibits arranged in the University Community Centre throughout the year, as well as the various productions and fashion shows hosted by the Asian Students' Association and the African Students' Association. However, nothing has embraced multiculturalism quite as much as your letter, which blatantly segregated one particular group on the basis of religious beliefs and created enormous cultural barricades which most people didn't even know existed.

Your impressions are extremely insightful and they don't need correction. You are not wrong. After all, being a young educated person I believe that it is extremely reasonable to have one negative experience and then generalize an entire group of people to be ignorant, unwelcoming and too nationalistic.

Claiming that the university suffers from a segregated environment and then citing this one generalization as an example of its anti-Canadian nature is indeed a logical deduction.

It is also extremely reasonable to call the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity a "glorified Jewish clique" when you cite the fact that they had a party open to all Western students. What could be more of a clique than that?! I am also thankful that you brought these "warped priorities" to my attention.

I didn't even know that one could prioritize charities at all. I never thought that perhaps saving starving children in a foreign country was wrong. Come to think of it, cancer research is probably a worthier cause than diabetes. I sincerely hope this fraternity will apologize for their benevolence – we certainly know it wasn't of the right kind.

I applaud you for your good sense of judgment – it is you who are truly the benevolent ones. You have politically created huge cultural tensions and perpetuated the very problem you seek to correct.

Wendy Litner
Social Sciences I

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