Volume 93, Issue 101

Friday, April 7, 2000


A big (sarcastic) thank you for letter

Feeling of discrimination excruciating

Xenophobia hurts Jewish groups

Writer on mark, editorial misguided

American inputs his two cents

Misinformed opinions enlightened

Was letter written as complaint or question?

Israeli flag instills pride

A poem on profs

We need study day

We need study day

To the Editor:

I just recently realized that we don't have a study day before the exams this semester, as we've had in past semesters. Exams start tomorrow – is there any reason for this study day to be removed?

I don't think the Y2K week earlier this year justifies the need for an extra day of classes. A day of class today cannot replace a week of classes, but a study day can make a world of difference for exam marks!

Earl Almeida
Computer Science II
University Students' Council Clubs Commissioner

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