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Friday, April 7, 2000


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Feeling of discrimination excruciating

Re: "Racy Western" April 4

To the Editor:

The two students who wrote this letter stated that they chose to attend Western because they wanted to pursue their education in an environment free of segregation. That is something that most students around the world hope for.

Unfortunately, a world of this kind does not yet exist. Both Lillian Wong and Stephen Black learned that the hard way. There are no feelings more excruciating than those of discrimination and exclusion.

I sincerely apologize to Lillian Wong and Stephen Black for being misinformed and misled. Hopefully, this letter will clarify some of the issues which were evidently misinterpreted.

Whoever informed you that you could not participate in the Yom Kippur prayers unless you did so in Hebrew was absolutely incorrect. Yom Kippur prayers are personal and can even be self-composed. The prayers may be recited in any language and in fact, prayer books are available in all languages.

During club's week, an Israeli flag was not draped across the Western Debating Society's table. It was draped across the Jewish Student's Union table which was located right beside the WDS' table.

Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity is an internationally recognized Jewish fraternity that has existed for many years. The fraternity does not only accept Jewish members, however it bases their philanthropy on Jewish needs, hence it is up to them to decide which charities they would like to donate to. It is common for organizations to donate to a cause which they represent.

Lastly, Judaism is our religious sect and our nationality lies in the state of Israel.

It seems from Lillian Wong and Stephen Black's letter to the editor that invalid facts, ignorance and common stereotypes were used in making a public assumption – which we know from our leanings of the past, is the root of prejudice.

In my opinion, the letter did not benefit the students of Western, but further intensified the ignorance and segregation that currently exists. This situation must somehow be rectified. Western students should take advantage of the various clubs and organizations offered at the university.

Kim Pekofsky
Media, Information and Technoculture III

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