Volume 93, Issue 101

Friday, April 7, 2000


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A poem on profs

Re: "For your viewing, a little poem" March 28 and "Anybody for a poetry contest?" March 30

To the Editor:

Firstly, I would like to say to Claire LaFrance that I do not think that Jill Plantz was referring to people like you in her letter.

I think that she was addressing the students of Western who think that university is nothing but a 24 hour fashion show and a place to gossip.

Secondly, I would like to ask Claire if she thinks that the skills and teachings she learned are really all that relevant and wonderful. If so, then sad to say, but in my opinion, you are a simply a production of a bureaucracy. A bureaucracy which tries to pump out millions of citizens who are caught within the system and don't even know it.

This bureaucracy produces, through its teachings, a population to uphold the status quo and remain oblivious to many issues in the world that are hidden from them. They attempt to control what we see and hear and know, through their media.

I believe you, like many other teachers, students, RAs, dons and other administrators, are simply hopelessly trapped in the system. Of course, I am not referring to everyone. There are people like Jill who challenge this system and its beliefs. I would like to leave you with this to think about – history is made by the people who do not say "Yes."

Kevin Farrick
Sociology II

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