Volume 93, Issue 101

Friday, April 7, 2000


The Chairman of the board

Misty water coloured sporting memories

The good ole Mustang game

Still dreaming the impossible dream

The good ole Mustang game

So this is it.

An entire year of Western Mustang athletics has passed. From the thrill of victory, to the agony of defeat, the athletes of this university have brought their school nothing but honour and pride – both on and off the field.

The changing of the weather brought with it beginnings and endings, each season with it's own distinct sporting characters. This year I have had both the opportunity and the pleasure to view all of these events first hand as a member of The Gazette's sports section.

Every story, every section and every issue brought new tales of heart, passion and emotion – drama which was never justified through the medium of newsprint.

This year's sports section tried to give you a small snapshot of what it's like to be on the field or on the court, as a varsity university team or as an individual athlete. No matter how big or small a sport was perceived, we made a conscious effort to give it coverage.

So, without further adieu, a final send off to my Western athletes in a tribute to all of their accomplishments. Don't hesitate to clap along as you read.

[Sung to the tune of "The Good Ole' Hockey Game"]

It's on the page,

It's all the rage,

The Sport's section is the best,

Western athletes,

Cannot be beat,

Mustangs above the rest,

On the field,

They will not yield,

And winning's not a chore,

Someone roars, as Western scores, at the good ole' Mustang game


Oh, the good ole' Mustang game,

It's the best game you can name.

And the best game you can name, is the good ole' Mustang game.

The rugby team,

They are the queens,

No one could take them down.

The soccer girls,

Are Western's pearls,

Scoring goals throughout the town,

And the hockey boys,

They made some noise,

And always were up to the task.

Shoot or pass, they kick some ass, at the good ole' Mustang game.


On field or track,

Their team was stacked,

Western's track and field was great,

And basketball,

Almost won it all,

Victory was in their fate.

Then to the mats,

For wrestling spats,

Western wrestling had a ball,

Mustangs never fall, Western beats them all, at the good ole' Mustang game.


Thanks for putting up with The Kid all year and we'll see you all next time from the pages of The Gazette's News section. Look out for new Gazette Sports Editor Ryan Dixon, aka Ry-dog, to be spreading sports propaganda next season. Keep it real in the feel and remember to always "let them know".

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