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Friday, December 1, 2000


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Regina U looking to expand with help

By Nina Chiarelli and Anne Sagar
Gazette Staff

The University of Regina has come up with a Christmas wish list and is hoping the Saskatchewan government will play Santa and foot the bill.

In an operations forecast report for 2000-2001 submitted earlier this week and addressed to the provincial government, University of Regina president David Barnard outlined five major areas in need of a total of $16.3 million in funding.

"The money will be used to expand the infrastructures, as well as recruit and retain faculty," explained Jim Tomkins, VP-administration at the University of Regina.

The five key areas in need of funding are general operating practices, faculty renewal and retention, building faculty research capacity, information technology developments and medium term major capital development. Specific expansions include a new laboratory building, a Language Institute expansion, a library addition, renovations to the Physical Activity Centre and a new sports complex, he said.

Tomkins said while the request is part of general budget preparation, he does not expect an answer from the province until the university's budget is officially announced in March.

Heath Packman, VP-internal affairs for the Regina Students' Union, said he was happy with the request because it will mean expansions to student programs and facilities. He added he did not think the request was unusual, as the university solicits the government each year for public funding, but said the request could mean students at the University of Regina receive oportunities on par with students at universities in other parts of the country.

Spokesperson for Saskatchewans's Ministry of Education, Terry White, said the government is not always able to satisfy the financial requests of every university. "The goverment may not give as much as [the university] would like, but we give more and more every year."

White said although the Ministry's budget committee is currently in talks over budget allocation, the final university funding recommendations will not be released until the fall of 2001.

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