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Friday, December 1, 2000


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Former council bids farewell

Corroded Disorder

Former council bids farewell

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

Four London city councillors saw their municipal careers end this week, as the incoming council took their spots on the board.

After 25 years of service for the City of London, Orlando Zamprogna, who has served on numerous committees, boards and commissions, said when he was elected in 1969 it was hard for someone with his background to make it in politics.

"Being Italian, born with an Italian last name, a lot of people said I would never make it. But I did and I hope I've paved the way for others [of an ethnic background] to come forward," he said.

Zamprogna, a controller this past year, said the relationship with Western and the City was excellent when he first began working for council, but he has seen it deteriorate over time.

"As the university got bigger, more and more students didn't have anywhere to live and they moved out into certain areas of the City," he said. "However, [Western president Paul] Davenport has helped change the problems in the last little while with [the Board of Governors] and by adding more residences."

Zamprogna said he thinks the problem with councillors lately is that they want to classify themselves more as full-time politicians.

Exiting Ward 6 councillor, Meagan Walker, who has spent six years as an elected representative for the City, said the time spent working for and with London was the most incredible experience of her lifetime.

"It was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work, with challenges as well as rewards," she said. "I really enjoyed myself. I guess you can say I'm a little different – a leftover from the hippie and punk rocker era."

Walker said, she will continue with her full-time job at the Battered Women's shelter in London.

Walker said after her time as councillor is completed, she did not have any direct advice to the incoming councillors except to enjoy every single day and make the most out of life.

Exiting Ward 6 councillor, Ben Veel, said he really enjoyed his stay on council and applauded the numerous successful council initiatives that have occurred within the City during his time.

Still, Veel said all has not been perfect, as there are many issues London still has to address. "Our economic progress has lagged behind and we haven't been progressive in selling ourselves," he said.

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