Volume 94, Issue 53

Friday, December 1, 2000


Men rebound to beat Brock - Basketball team shows resilience

Vanier titans ready

Western teams send out wish list

Western teams send out wish list

By Joel Brown
Gazette Staff

Like a little kid at Christmas, Western's sports teams have mailed in their wish lists and are dreaming of what may appear under the tree in the coming weeks.

But first Santa has to determine who has been nice and whether there are enough funds in the bank to give every one a gift. After conducting a series of assessments on all the possible varsity teams for next year it is now up to Western's Athletics department to decide what funding each team will be allotted, and which teams will receive varsity status.

According to Western athletic co-ordinator Barry Martinelli the decisions will be made in the early part of the new year, at which time Athletics will need to present its budget request for the 2001-2002 school year to the University's Board of Governors.

While the women's hockey and lacrosse teams, along with the men's baseball team would like to acquire varsity distinction, there is a strong possibility they may have to settle for a less lucrative probationary, or varsity-club status.

Or maybe even nothing at all.

"If the dollars aren't there then it will certainly be difficult to upgrade them," Martinelli said. "We've already determined there will not be an increase in the student-activity fee, so the budget will largely be based on revenues we receive from attendance and other sources."

This year's budget of $2.8 million, may have to be slashed in order accommodate a projected decrease in revenue.

"At first glance we're projecting a little bit of a decrease from this year because of the Canada Games," Martinelli said. "The summer programs that we run generate revenue and won't be able to open for three weeks because of the Games."

Football head coach, Larry Haylor, said he believes any cuts to the budget would risk the quality of the athletics program. "I don't think for any team this would be good news. You can make an argument that we are receiving insufficient funding as it is. Any cuts would force us to deal with less and I think that would be harmful.

Haylor said concerns that must be considered include athlete's per diem allowances when team's go on the road.

Baseball head coach Mike Lumley, holds out no hope that his team will receive any funding from the department.

"We sat down and talked with Darwin [Semotiuk, chair or Athletics] and he said for them to put more money into more teams is just not going to happen," Lumley said.

If Western's baseball team were to receive varsity status, Lumley said he would agree not to seek any money from the department. This year the women's lacrosse team received $3, 000 dollars worth of funding despite not being granted full varsity status.

Lacrosse head coach Monica Brown is hopeful of the status being upgraded but does not think the perceived desire to even the number of male and female teams will play a central role.

"It's more likely to come down to finances and field space," she said.

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