Volume 94, Issue 54

Tuesday, December 5, 2000


Cote says no way to Regina in Vanier

Mustangs finish first half perfectly

Lady Mustangs bouncing back

Veterans lead troops to victory

Lady Mustangs bouncing back

- Warriors get shot down 68-54

By Carolynne Weir
Gazette Writer

The Western Mustangs women's basketball team improved on a lacking defence in the first 15 minutes of play Saturday night, to defeat the Waterloo Warriors 68-54 during home court action.

The team now stands strong with a 4-2 record, putting them in third place in Ontario University Athletics regular season play.

The Waterloo Warriors were hoping to bounce back after a disappointing loss against Windsor last Monday night.

Warriors head coach, Tom O'Brien, said the team was hungry for a win and came in feeling the need to prove themselves. He said he was a little thrown off, by some unexpected [Western] starters, which caused some immediate line adjustments and quick decision making.

The first 15 minutes of the game were a bit disconcerting, said centre Anne Van Leeuwen. "We started slow. [The team] just wasn't playing together," she said.

Van Leeuwen said her fellow team members did not know what to expect at the outset of the game. "Although we did expect a tough match," she said.

The Mustangs fought hard with great rebounding by forward Lindsay Kennedy and centre Laura Verbeeten, who finished the game with 18 rebounds. "Our rebounding was strong, and we pressured hard," said Mustangs head coach, Bob Delaney.

Despite being up seven points at half-time, the Mustangs were not about to let this win slip through their fingers. There was still room for adjustments to be made.

Delaney said much of the Warriors' success could be attributed to accurate outside shooting by guard Nicole Consitt, who capped the night with 24 points.

Waterloo forward Leslie Mitchell and centre Nicole Consitt posed a serious threat to the Mustangs as well, Delaney said, adding a quick switch from zone defence to man-to-man defence was made to buckle down in the backcourt.

Along with great defence and solid rebounding, experienced team members also contributed to the win, O'Brien said. "There is no substitute for experience, and Western is a very experienced team."

O'Brien said his team has been hard hit with injuries this season, but added it was no excuse to bow down to teams at full strength. "[I am ] happy that we competed, but unhappy with the loss," he said.

Offence was key in the Mustangs' victory, Delaney said. A powerful offence led by Laura Verbeeten, Holli Clarkson and Lindsay Kennedy, who finished with 16, 12, and 12 points, respectively.

Delaney said the team is now looking forward to a well deserved holiday break. It is the first in 11 years for the women's basketball team, as they are not hosting or attending any tournaments during the winter hiatus.

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