Volume 94, Issue 55

Wednesday, December 6, 2000


Broken Hearts a smashing success

Why are movies so bad this year?


Shopgirl a great read

Big name acts falter a little with their new CDs


The Internet has reshaped the way we listen to music. For university students, programs like Napster have been the answer to their musical needs. But what if your computer doesn't have the capacity to store hundreds of mp3s? The answer: Internet radio.

Sonicnet (radio.sonicnet.com), the most popular of all on-line radio stations, allows you to create and control your own radio station's play list by selecting from a diverse list of artists/genres.

However, if patience is something you lack, then the time spent editing your list may not be for you. Sonicnet has a variety of specialty stations with guest DJs for their listeners to tune into. From Classical Baroque to hip hop, this site offers a station to suit all musical tastes.

Despite its huge popularity and constantly growing database of artists, Sonicnet may be slightly too commercial. While its features are great for creating a mix of various genres, there isn't much to offer in terms of discovering little known bands.

For your dose of Canadian content, The Iceberg (www.theiceberg.com) may be the best place to start. The Iceberg provides 24-hour live programming. 1Groove (www.1groove.com) is the playground for electronic music fans, broadcasting everything from ambient to happy hardcore throughout the day.

Illnoiz (www.illnoiz.com) is the urban music fan's alternative, serving an eclectic mix of hip hop, Latin, R&B, reggae and more. Both of these stations are of high quality. Then there's 2Kool4Radio (www.2kool4radio.com). Deeming itself "unconventional," 2Kool4Radio offers absolutely everything from alternative to loungecore to hip hop, with none of the boring Top 40 stuff.

For more groundbreaking programming, tune in to the following stations: Antenna Radio (www.antennaradio.com), Invisible Radio (www.invisible-radio.com), and 3WK Underground Radio (www.3wk.com).

Listening to Internet radio stations can be a great way to expose yourself to new music from around the world. There is an extensive list of Internet Radio stations and the list is growing everyday. To find a station fit for your specific tastes, check out the on-line radio guide Internet Radio Index, (www.internetradioindex.-com).

–Andrea Chiu

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