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Wednesday, December 6, 2000


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USC to debate changes to VP elections voting

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USC to debate changes to VP elections voting

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

The University Students' Council will be considering a reform of the current vice-president voting procedure at tonight's USC meeting.

A motion initiated by Senator-at-Large Neil Kapoor would establish a "none of the below" option on the VP ballots.

Currently, according to USC bylaws, council ranks the candidates on a preferential basis from top to bottom at the VP election meeting in March. If a candidate receives 50 per cent of the first place votes, they are declared the winner. If no candidate receives 50 per cent of this first ballot, voting moves to the next preferential standing.

Councillors must rank each candidate or the ballot is declared spoiled, and if more than 50 per cent of ballots are spoiled the vote is declared void.

Under Kapoor's motion the "none of the below" option would be used by voting members of the USC to display a lack of confidence in one or more of the candidates. If the "none of the below" option received more than 50 per cent of the preferential vote, the position would be declared vacant and council would have to decide how to better fill the position.

"This provides council an option to express disapproval of a candidate without having to spoil their ballots," Kapoor said.

USC governmental affairs commissioner, Scott Belton, said if voters were unhappy with candidates they could merely spoil their ballots. "I think a mechanism already exists to show you have no confidence in a candidate," he said.

Josh Morgan, Social Science Students' Council president, said the motion was an interesting concept. "If councillors don't want to accept a candidate, should they be forced to accept that candidate?"

VP-student affairs Chris Sinal, who last year participated in VP elections, commended Kapoor for his research on the subject, but said he was unsure about how he felt on the matter. "I think it's awesome when a councillor goes out and does all this research," he said. "A motion should be passed because its constructive and improves the way council works, not because its not a bad idea."

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