Volume 94, Issue 55

Wednesday, December 6, 2000


Cheerleaders win 16th national title

Lady swimmers heading upstream

Western badgered by Brock hockey team

The game that forgot about the game

Lady swimmers heading upstream

By Ryan Dixon
Gazette Staff

You win some, you lose some.

The Western Mustangs swim team proved that age old sport cliché true in their head to head duel with the Guelph Gryphons this past weekend. The lady Mustangs floated to the top, besting Guelph 89-76.

The men, however, were sunk by the very same 89-76 score. Both matches were hotly contested affairs. Western head coach, Glen Belfry, said the women may have gained some valuable experience being in such tight races and emerging victorious.

"They swam very strong, all the matches were close and I think it's good to be in those close races and come out on top. They performed extremely well," he said.

Women's team member Carmen Barnett, said hosting the meet may have provided the Mustangs with a little extra motivation, not to mention wanting to redeem themselves after a loss last week.

"We had lots of excitement since it was a home meet. We lost to Laurier the week before and I think we had big hopes coming in," she said.

Belfry agreed the women were ready right from the start. He said the women rocketed off the diving boards.

"Last week we came out a little flat, but this week we were super strong right from the start. We had great support from everyone who was swimming, as well as people on the bench," Belfry said.

Barnett said the team had hoped to be more upbeat heading into the meet. "We've worked on our team spirit and just really encouraging each other. We have lots of energy and we have been training really hard."

Despite the end result, men's team member Matt Wood, said the weekend was by no means a total loss for the Mustang men.

"We did pretty well, it was very close and everybody swam well. It would have been a great match to watch, it was very exciting. I think everybody swam their hardest and we gained some valuable experience. We have the potential to do very well, we just have to figure out how to tap it in the next few meets," he said.

Belfry was also philosophical about the loss. He said the score may indicate a wider margin between the two teams than was the case.

"It sounds far apart, but it really came down to the last relay and they just nipped us. It happens from time to time," he said.

The team's focus now changes to stepping up their stamina with their Holiday break training schedule. The team will head south on Boxing Day for a sun-splashed training session in Florida. Belfry said this will by no means be a vacation for the squad. He said the trip is an opportunity not to maintain the status quo, but rather to dive forward.

"It's not really to stay in shape, it is to get in better shape. It's great for the team both mentally and physically because they have no school so they can really focus on swimming," he said.

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