Volume 93, Issue 68

Tuesday, February 1, 2000


UWO mourns students

Money talks at King's forum

Psych prof accused of racism

SCAPA proposes revamping of bachelor-level degrees

Toronto TAs to settle with admin

Prez candidates face off with media

Funding gets the checkered flag

New anti-panhandling legislation comes into effect

Theft remains a big problem for UPD


Experience not going to get in Connell's way



Study at home

Thanks to a new program at Althouse College, individuals looking to complete their PhDs in education will soon be able to do so from the comfort of their own homes.

Western's faculty of education is now offering an internet based PhD program in conjunction with Brock University, Lakehead University and the University of Windsor, said Sharon Haggerty, chair of graduate education at Althouse.

Haggerty explained the program consists of physically taking two summer courses at one of the universities, while completing the rest through correspondence via the internet. It is the only programof its kind in Ontario.

She added the program was designed for people interested in getting a PhD in education while still continuing their daily routines. "Those three universities would not be able to support a PhD program on their own," Haggerty explained, citing low student population and interest at the other three schools.

The program, which begins this July, has been in the works for about five years and will see students only once during its span.

"Because the two summer courses are done on a rotational basis, we will only see students once every four years," she said.

–Nina Chiarelli

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