Volume 93, Issue 68

Tuesday, February 1, 2000


UWO mourns students

Money talks at King's forum

Psych prof accused of racism

SCAPA proposes revamping of bachelor-level degrees

Toronto TAs to settle with admin

Prez candidates face off with media

Funding gets the checkered flag

New anti-panhandling legislation comes into effect

Theft remains a big problem for UPD


Experience not going to get in Connell's way


Experience not going to get in Connell's way

By Stephanie Cesca
Gazette Staff

Preserving Western's tradition in the wild, wild West is what University Students' Council presidential candidate Fraser Connell's office would be all about.

Connell said he realizes the limitations of a one-year term, but would like to change some elements of the USC in addition to holding onto several of its great traditions.

Connell said tuition is the biggest problem facing students and he would like to be able to lower student fees by $100 next year. "I'd try and be as responsible with the student fees as I possibly could."

Full support of student lobby groups, including the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance and the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations, would also be a means of trying to reduce tuition, he explained.

The Wave is also a concern for Connell, as he said it loses too much money every year. "I think the problem with the Wave is it's so overexposed during O-week."

On the topic of lost revenue, Connell said he would also like to explore the ways in which The Gazette loses money each year and said he would like to find a way to rectify the problem.

Connell explained he would also like to change the method of voting for presidential elections. "I would revert the election styles to encompass both online and on-campus ballots. I'd do this to make the voting more accessible to all students, as I realize that many people vote as a result of happening to run into polling stations on campus."

But big ideas need a strong personality, which is something Connell said he definitely has. "I'd say I'm fairly charismatic, honest, open and I'd try to create an environment in the USC where the VPs, the commissioners – they could all do their jobs."

Connell said both offering advice and ensuring everyone is working towards a common goal would be two of his largest duties as president.

As for USC experience, Connell admitted it was something of which he did not have an abundance, but added this factor could be beneficial.

"A great amount of experience doesn't always amount to great leadership and may even lead to the leader being involved with the nitty gritty stuff they shouldn't be worried about."

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