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Tuesday, February 1, 2000


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Theft remains a big problem for UPD

By Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

Unless it's nailed to the floor, do not leave it unattended! This was the message from the University Police Department after a string of thefts on campus.

UPD Const. Wendy McGowan said Western has been hit with an increase in stolen property. "The concern we have right now is a substantial increase in the number of thefts," she said.

McGowan explained several of the thefts have occurred in the women's change room of Campus Recreation as well as from lockers in Thompson Arena. "We've put up signs to warn people," McGowan said, adding students should take precautions by ensuring all items are locked securely.

Campus police have also released the description of two suspicious males seen at Thompson Arena in the hopes someone will come forward with information relating to two separate events in which personal property was stolen. McGowan said the two males are white and between the ages of 16 to 18. One was described as five foot nine inches tall and 140 pounds, while the other was allegedly five foot six inches tall and 135 pounds.

Students carrying school bags to the Wave and the BookStore should also be wary, McGowan said. "Don't leave your backpack in front of the BookStore. It's a chronic problem."

A vehicle was also stolen from the Elborn College parking lot on Jan. 27. The 1997 blue Chevy pick up truck has not yet been found.

The building was also the scene of locker break-ins last week. "A person attempted to cash cheques found in the locker," she said.

The physics and astronomy building unfortunately experienced another theft last week, McGowan said, explaining a student's laptop computer was stolen from an unattended classroom.

"If your property is stolen, make sure you cancel your credit card numbers," McGowan said, describing the theft of a wallet and its contents from D.B. Weldon Library.

With all the thefts on campus, McGowan said people were still finding time to commit other crimes. "Four males were seen damaging photocopiers in the University Community Centre," she said, adding a witness reporteded seeing the perpetrators leave the scene of the crime in a red vehicle. "If anyone has any information, anonymity will be maintained."

The intent to register sign located on Oxford Drive was also vandalized, McGowan said. The vandalism was estimated at $300 and as of yet, the individual responsible has not been found.

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