Volume 93, Issue 68

Tuesday, February 1, 2000


The Arm reached way too far

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Frat beliefs inaccurate, misguided

The Arm reached way too far

Re: "Naughty or nice? The definitive list" Dec. 8

To the Editor:
The latest issue of The Purple Arm published comments made in regards to Aaron Wherry's Dec. 8 column entitled "Naughty or Nice? The definitive list." In his column, Mr. Wherry made some disparaging remarks about The Purple Arm. Amongst his claims were that The Purple Arm plagiarizes material from another publication named The Onion.

In response to the column, The Purple Arm received numerous letters via email. In response to the volume of emails, The Purple Arm decided to publish two of the articles we received. After its release, The Purple Arm received harsh criticism from The Gazette. Although the articles were intended to be a humorous rebuttal of Mr. Wherry's article, they were taken very seriously.

It should be noted that Mr. Wherry sent an apology to the Undergraduate Engineering Society, which was subsequently forwarded to The Purple Arm, but never made any attempt to contact the staff of The Purple Arm directly. Mr. Wherry also promised to publish a retraction and an apology in The Gazette but he has failed to do so. The Gazette has subsequently informed me that Mr. Wherry was unauthorized to promise an apology or a retraction. In this letter to The Gazette, The Purple Arm has done what Mr. Wherry could not.

The Purple Arm does not and has never sought to create any harm to any person, institution or group at the university. The paper is intended to be a source of off-the-wall humor only. The Purple Arm admits that some of the articles published were of a questionable character and were most likely inappropriate.

The staff of The Purple Arm does not share the views of its authors in regards to Mr. Wherry, and we regret publishing the articles which spoke harshly of him. We sincerely apologize to Mr. Wherry and the staff of The Gazette for any harm we may have caused.

In order to show our sincerity, The Purple Arm has made a diligent attempt to remove all copies of Monday's issue from the University Community Centre and other buildings on campus.

Steve Martin
Chemical Engineering IV/Law I
Purple Arm Editor

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