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Tuesday, February 1, 2000


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Ceeps not the real criminal

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Ceeps not the real criminal

Re: "Ceeps not safe place for jackets" Jan. 27

To the Editor:
I am writing this letter in response to Mr. Moreno's concerns. As the general manager of The Ceeps/Barneys I take particular offence to Mr. Moreno's statement about the "little interest" shown in assisting him in retrieving his jacket.

I was the person who spoke with him the day after his coat was stolen and I offered to take his name and number should anything turn up. I expressed my opinion that coat thieves are very busy in the winter and very successful at stealing coats at many bars. This statement is sad, but true.

I can understand that Mr. Moreno is upset with The Ceeps, as we could not retrieve his coat. However, I also ask Mr. Moreno to vent his anger at the real culprit – the person who stole his jacket.

If The Ceeps were to put a chair at every available location, the current lineup would grow from a 30 minute wait to at least one hour. This extra lineup would be a direct result of less space in the bar because of all the chairs in place for people to sit.

Obviously this is not a great option, but we have had coat checks over the years and perhaps now is a good time to revisit the coat check idea. I find it hard to believe that carrying your coat hampers your level of fun, perhaps I should try it one night and see if this statement is valid.

In all seriousness, I understand how it feels to have your personal belongings stolen, as I have experienced my fair share of personal property theft from wallets, to car hood ornaments. But the anger that comes with being ripped off should be directed at the jerk who committed the crime.

Having something stolen also makes you realize that you can only afford to replace it with an item which is half of its price. This is a good lesson as you realize it's not the name on your purse or coat that makes it great, it is what is inside that counts.

My final thought is something I relayed to Mr. Moreno the day after his coat was stolen – don't bring or wear your expensive clothing, purses, etc., out with you because there are dishonest people out there looking to steal anything these days. Sad, but true.

Susan Kisch
General Manager at The Ceeps/Barneys

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