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Tuesday, February 1, 2000


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N'Sync for the home crowd

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N'Sync for the home crowd

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By Sean Maraj
Gazette Staff

It happens only once a year. It's not Christmas or New Year's, but the synchronized swimming team's yearly Varsity Synchronized Swimming Show, held last Thursday.

The annual event showcased the talents of Western's synchro swimmers to Western students. This year, the event featured an array of team performances set to popular music – it was the perfect chance to prepare for the upcoming Ontario University Athletics championship, held in two weeks.

The team's performance ranged from several solo routines to the most important team routine – one which garnered loud applause from the audience who had gathered in the swimming gallery.

Western head coach Hilary Brandon said she was pleased with how the event turned out for her team, especially considering the restrictions of the pool in Thames Hall, which is generally too shallow for major swimming events. "We're always restricted by the pool, but overall I would say it went very well."

Assistant coach Lisa Clark said she thought things could have gone better. Clark pointed out the team had compressed their program to fit into an hour's time span, causing fatigue to set in by the end.

Despite the fatigue, Clark said she was pleased with how the women did at the end of the night in the team category. "They had to do a lot of routines in an hour and they managed to pull off the hardest one at the end, I'm very happy."

Team captain Sarah Gravel said she agreed the team's performance was good, but that there was certainly room for improvement.

"I think we did well. There's a lot of little things we need to clean up, but it's hard to do with [the time constraints] – it's going to be easier with the tournament," Gravel said referring to the upcoming OUA championships. "We need to do some fine tuning and work on our patterns a little more."

For the synchronized swimming team, one of the smallest varsity teams at Western, this show has become an invaluable tool to demonstrate their talents to the Western community who may not be aware of the team's existence.

Gravel was also quick to point out the show helped boost the team's morale by showing despite the small team status, they do have support. "It makes Western aware that we do have a synchro team and it shows to us that we do have the support behind us."

Brandon added being able to perform in front of a live audience is much more valuable than a regular practice.

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