Volume 93, Issue 74

Thursday, February 10, 2000


Short life, still touched many others

Life in death

Funeral deserved coverage

Funeral deserved coverage

To the Editor:
I am not generally a critical person, yet upon reading The Gazette on Feb. 3, I was saddened and frustrated when I discovered there was no coverage given to the funeral for Shaun Lodge, a fellow Mustang who very tragically passed away the weekend before.

The London Free Press had a page 1 article about his and his late friend, Jason Edmunds', funerals and I was very surprised that The Gazette, Western's student newspaper, didn't report a word.

Furthermore, I feel that the university has not addressed the loss felt by a very large portion of the university community.

Whether someone knew Shaun or not, it is hard to not feel sadness when you realize a seat he once filled in a classroom now lies empty.

The loss of Shaun has been felt by many and the university has done little to help those who feel the sadness of his passing. I would like to take this opportunity to express the loss that I and many people feel as a result of Shaun's sudden and untimely death.

I was in attendance at Shaun's funeral last Wednesday, as were over 500 of his friends, family and those, like myself, who did not know Shaun very well but felt the sadness of his loss. Shaun Lodge added so much to so many lives.

As a son, a brother, a friend, a basketball player and more, Shaun was a person who we all looked up to and admired for his persistence, dedication and loving spirit. There is a seat in all of his classes and a place in his friend's and family's hearts that is now empty.

We miss you Shaun.

Toby Nash
French/Sociology II

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