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Friday, February 11, 2000


Braun walks away with presidential gold

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Braun walks away with presidential gold

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

Amid a sea of hugs and congratulations last night, third-year political science student Dave Braun basked in the glory of his victory in the University Students' Council presidential elections.

"I'm the luckiest guy in the world. I couldn't be happier," Braun said shortly after his victory was announced.

Braun, who maintained the lead throughout the presidential race, won with an unofficial tally of 1,642 votes – a winning margin of approximately 600 ballots. The total voter turnout was an unofficial 5,785 students.

Braun said the campaign was a difficult experience, not only for him, but for the 10 candidates involved. "All of us worked so hard and lost so much sleep and it's a shitty game that someone has to lose. I have so much respect for the other candidates and it really is a shitty thing that only one of us can win," he said.

In the hours leading up to the election result announcement, Braun admitted he did not expect to win. "I can't believe I won. All through dinner I was thinking, 'Novak won, but I'm still a good guy.'"

Looking towards the future, Braun said he was focused on the learning and listening his new position entails. He said he also wanted to ensure all students' concerns were acknowledged. "I'm concerned with making sure both those who did and didn't vote for me get addressed."

"He's going to do an amazing job. He has a great personality – he is very approachable," said current USC president SzeJack Tan.

Overall, Tan said he felt the campaign was very different from the one he experienced, but added it definitely had something for everyone.

Jaime Notman, a fourth-year computer science student and member of Braun's campaign team, said she never lost faith in Braun. "When we first started with [the campaign] I thought Dave had it won. Once we got into it, I still thought he could win – he'd just have to work for it."

Mike Gelfand, Chief Returning Officer for the USC, said he was thrilled with the overall voter turnout. "I think it's amazing that so many students voted. It shows that the USC is a leader among universities students' councils."

USC VP-campus issues Perry Monaco said he felt the student body would pick the best man. He also issued a warning to the victor.

"You don't know what you've gotten yourself into. You're in deep shit now Mr. Braun," he said.

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