Volume 93, Issue 75

Friday, February 11, 2000


Can you photocopy money?

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Can you photocopy money?

To the Editor:

Sitting bored in class the other day, I came to a startling conclusion: the photocopied readings anthropology students (as well as many others) must purchase are, quite frankly, a ripoff.

I counted the number of pages for this course (188 pages in total) and then realized that the Custom Course Materials Office has the nerve to charge $33.89. If this were photocopied at Inprint (or some other place that charges only five cents a copy) it would have cost only $9.40, minus taxes. What does the office do with all this profit?

There are approximately 60 people in the course and a $24.49 profit per person is around $1,470 for the office (if not more). I understand that they have to pay wages, supplies and binding for the books (oh please, how much could binding and paper cost?), but this is robbery for students who pay nearly $900 for a full year, mandatory course.

The outrageous fees for these photocopied materials should be included in the cost of tuition without further tuition hikes. These books cannot be resold in the Used Bookstore and the material changes every time the courses are offered. Many times, professors do not put copies of the readings in the library on reserve and it is difficult for 60 people to share one copy of a journal.

What we propose is that these articles should be placed on two hour reserve in the Weldon Library or the exceptional cost of the material should be reduced for all courses. Hopefully, this will decrease the already inflated cost of attending university, even if we only save $100 to $200 a year.

After attending university for four years, purchasing many of these books, we realize we have paid hundreds of dollars more than we should have for these required materials.

Nancy Kovacs
Lisa Labinowicz
Anthropology IV

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