Volume 93, Issue 75

Friday, February 11, 2000


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Gazette, frats need to make up

Getting rid of Gazette not a good idea

Gazette, frats need to make up

Re: "Paper a hindrance on president" Feb. 8

To the Editor:

Honest to God, this whole Gazette vs. the fraternities thing is getting a little tired, guys. I have been at Western now for three years and this debate never fails to come up. Why?

I have yet to see what stake The Gazette has in publishing an underlying disgust for the Greek community. I think the Pi Kappa Alpha president's point is well taken – as Western students, fraternity members' student fees pay for the production of The Gazette and therefore they should not be humiliated within its pages.

To the fraternities – stop whining and do something about it! Because fraternities are supposed to be about the personal development of their members, perhaps you should be encouraging your members to participate in student journalism. The Gazette is always crying out for contributors.

I'm sure if a member of your fraternity was a Gazette editor, you would not find fraternities represented in such a negative light. It would probably also help you promote the positive things you do (such as food drives, social events) and might even help boost your numbers during rush week.

In fact, let's make this a challenge – I challenge each and every fraternity to get a member of their organization on staff at The Gazette. And I challenge The Gazette to lay off, lighten up and be nice for a change! Let's see for how long you can all get along!

Claire La France
English/Women's Studies III

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