Volume 93, Issue 75

Friday, February 11, 2000


Can you photocopy money?

Gazette, frats need to make up

Getting rid of Gazette not a good idea

Getting rid of Gazette not a good idea

Re: "Paper a hindrance on president" Feb. 8

To the Editor:

Michael Sveinson has a bone to pick with you about the attack on fraternities and in turn, he attacks The Gazette for wasting student money and hindering educational pursuits.

It is certainly the case that fraternities (and sororities) are regularly criticized in the press and that many of us bemoan their antics and apparent (as opposed to their stated) goals. It is also the case that The Gazette is regularly criticized for the quality of its journalistic practices. (There are really embarrassing years of Gazettes, though I find that occasionally, it is actually worth reading, all depending on the editors).

However, Mr. Sveinson comes to a surprising and disquieting conclusion when he suggests that the student newspaper should be closed down by administration. Can you imagine what would happen if such a thing came to pass? What cries of indignation at the suppression of free speech, of student rights trampled, etc..

This is a student newspaper and it rests with students to protest, to insist on high standards, to involve themselves with choices of editors, in order to guarantee satisfaction.

Students should all be concerned about the quality of The Gazette, but Mr. Sveinson should think again about the broad implications of his recommendation.

Madeline Lennon
Visual Arts Department

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