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Friday, February 11, 2000


Lancers thrown off their horses by purple attack

XFL bound to fade away

Substitutes allow no break for Athenas to slack off

Lancers thrown off their horses by purple attack

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

Another impressive win for the Western women's basketball team took place Wednesday night, as the team laid into the Windsor Lancers on the hard court. The Mustangs prevailed by a score of 96-51.

Western forward Joanne Chehade, contributed 12 points to the steep Western tally including her first career three-pointer. She said the game was one of the best played by the team all season.

"Everyone was on the floor and touched the ball tonight. We have a deep bench and when they came on, they had the same intensity as the starters. Everybody's starting to get confident and we're realizing that everyone can shoot the ball," Chehade said.

Head coach Bob Delaney was also pleased with Wednesday's results. "We were playing hard-nosed defence and a very good pressing game. All of these things are starting to do well. It's also really nice when you're able to play all 12 players," he said.

"Most of the teams have had their difficulties [stopping our press] but what we're really trying to establish is a style of game that our kids can feel comfortable with."

Windsor head coach Georgia Risnita said Western played well and their effort reinforced the Mustangs' standing as the number one ranked team in the Ontario University Athletics.

"[Western] shot 52 per cent from the field and over 50 per cent from the three point line. Playing like that, there's no reason why they shouldn't finish up on top," she said.

With three games remaining in the regular season, Delaney said they would be playing some of their toughest opponents. He added, two of the games would be played away from home.

"We have to keep playing physical and tough – keep doing the things that are going to make us successful. The kids are really starting to understand what it takes to be successful."

Chehade said the Mustangs remained confident as they head into the playoff drive. "We're not too worried about going on the road but at the same time, we don't want to get too confident. Bob has been telling us to just keep playing hard."

The Lancers find themselves still fighting for a playoff spot but Risnita said it's going to come down to three teams vying for the provincial round ball crown.

"It should be interesting to see what happens between Western, [McMaster University] and [Brock University]. Mac and Western look very strong but you never know."

Gazette file photo
FLYING HIGHER THAN EAGLES. Western men's and women's basketball teams flew over the Windsor Lancers Wednesday night.

By Jayson Babel
Gazette Staff

The Western men's basketball team battled the Windsor Lancers at home Wednesday, in a well fought game which was decided in the final minutes.

Vital shots from beyond the three point line in the final quarter allowed Western to pull ahead and seal the victory, 80-65. With under five minutes to play in the second half and the score at 62-60, Western guards Jim Grozelle and Matt Tweedie, as well as forward Micah Bordeau were able to combine for five three-pointers. This onslaught of perimeter shooting secured an otherwise close game.

Tweedie said the outside shooting was a product of the inside game of the Mustangs. "It was just a situation where we had good penetration all night," he said. "Jim and I got some open shots because of [the inside game]. Micah was able to get to the basket and open things up."

Grozelle said the team was continuing to gain trust in their outside game. "We have a lot of confidence in the [perimeter] shooting. It is a good option for us."

Bordeau, Western's high scorer, shot 14 for 21, putting 35 points on the board in total and pushing the Mustangs'. Western head coach Craig Boydell said he was very pleased with Bordeau's performance and noted many players take 35 shots to accumulate 35 points.

"[Micah] played a tough game and put a lot of minutes in and had the answer constantly, which was a big part of the offence," Boydell said.

Windsor's power forward Geoff Stead, who Boydell said was a serious threat, was held to a mere three of 11 which was a definite reduction in performance from his last outing against Western in which he had 24 points.

Although Stead was contained in points, they were unable to keep him from the glass. He made the paint his home with 17 rebounds, two blocks and two steals. Lancer head coach Mike Harvey played Stead for 37 minutes of the 40 minute game.

"He's a horse – he just works his ass off!" Harvey said of Stead's performance. Stead secured eight offensive rebounds in the first half and both Boydell and Harvey agreed he was the factor which kept the Lancers in the game.

Tweedie said despite the win, the Mustangs were not tough enough in the game. "We kind of got beat up as the stats would indicate. We got beat on the boards."

The Mustangs take their basketball show on the road this weekend against the University of Waterloo, tomorrow at 2 p.m..

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