Volume 93, Issue 75

Friday, February 11, 2000


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XFL bound to fade away

Substitutes allow no break for Athenas to slack off

Substitutes allow no break for Athenas to slack off

By Sean Maraj
Gazette Staff

Athena may be the god of wisdom and intelligence, but the Waterloo Athenas didn't seem to have either of those traits during the thrashing they received by the Western women's volleyball team.

The undefeated Mustangs went into Tuesday's game a little differently than usual and it paid off – they destroyed Waterloo 3-0.

Head coach Dean Lowrie made some interesting changes and sat three of his regular starters, including co-captain Marnie Simpson. Lowrie also shuffled the lineup on the court and tried people in different positions to see how the team would function.

"We moved some players around in different positions and the girls did really well – they played with spark," Lowrie said.

Simpson said she was happy with the effect of the changes on the court. She thought the ability of her team to adjust to these new positions may have positive implications for the team, especially in the playoffs.

"[Lowrie] rotated people and we did wonderfully. I was really impressed that we were able to adjust so quickly," Simpson said. "We've been plagued by injuries and this could be a strength down the road."

Waterloo head coach Corinne Williams said Western's strategy was difficult to overcome.

"We played poorly," Williams said. "There just weren't any strengths."

Lowrie said he was happy with the combination he saw on the court and their strong overall performance which was able to contain the Athenas for most of the match. "The group on the floor was a consistent group. They played good defence and held Waterloo," he said.

Simpson noted the strengths on the court but added there was always room for the team to improve – especially with the playoffs only two games away.

"We were amazing at the net. We had tons of kills," Simpson said. "The weakness that has plagued us is our ability to talk on the court – that's been our weakness all year."

Lowrie also noted there were aspects of the Mustang game, such as defence, which needed improvement before the playoffs begin. "We have to block more balls by the outside hitters," he said.

As for the coming weeks, Lowrie said he hoped the pressure of remaining undefeated would bring out some solid results in the finals.

"We're going to train hard for the next six days and get ready for the playoffs," he said.

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