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Tuesday, February 15, 2000


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Now that the dust has settled

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Now that the dust has settled

An Italian proverb says, "Trifles make perfection, but perfection is no trifle" and while the perfect University Students' Council president may never be attained, we can at least imagine what trifles might be blended together to form the quintessential candidate for the coming year.

In last week's political battle royale, Dave Braun walked away with the presidential gold. Besting nine other hopefuls, he won handily with 1,642 of approximately 5,700 votes. Although Braun may be admirable, experienced and well-spoken, there are a number of things he should do to ensure he becomes an even better president.

Much like constructing the Six Million Dollar Man, building a perfect president would require a team of scientists and political experts. Possibly the best way to go about this process, would be to take the best pieces of Braun's ex-presidential opponents and include them in this mix, as the recent campaign brought to light various ideas which our next president would be foolish to ignore.

For instance, the idea of online polling through the USC web site to gauge the interests and concerns of students, would go a long way towards repairing the separation anxiety which exists between the masses and our political overlords. A simple and easily applied idea, which Braun should definitely look into.

Concern directed towards the financial future of the Wave should also be addressed. While the hiring of the Spoke's manager Mark Serre was a promising first step, the second floor bar/restaurant should be carefully scrutinized to ensure a profitable venture.

The USC president should also take a much more hands on initiative concerning tuition levels and the lobbying of certain government and political groups. In the past, this important responsibility has been delegated to the VP-education, but in the face of further hikes to tuition costs, the increased presence of our commander-in-chief could only be beneficial.

Most importantly, a USC internal audit committee would go a long way towards solving internal financial oversights. All student fees should be heavily scrutinized before being put into action. The furor over slip ups in this area this year and in the past, indicates the need for a watchdog on the council.

Many, if not all of these ideas, represent a need for a critical eye to scrutinize everything that crosses the Board of Directors' table. It's up to the president to always question and encourage debate, to ensure the best outcome of all Board decisions.

In a perfect world, we could elect some genetic hybrid of all those who ran in this years' campaign. Instead, we'll just have to hope Braun leaves no trifle unturned on his way to running an effective students' council.

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