Volume 93, Issue 76

Tuesday, February 15, 2000


Opinion not warranted in campaign

Gazette deals death blow?

Apathy rules

Opinion not warranted in campaign

Re: "Winds of change" Feb. 8

To the Editor:
Another University Students' Council presidential campaign is completed and in the annual tradition of The Gazette, the presidential endorsement was announced. I have seen this in 1997-98 and 1998-99 and have witnessed the results – that being, the endorsed candidate's victory. I have also, however, been forced to examine the reasoning behind the endorsement.

I must ask one quick question, though, to the editorial staff of The Gazette: How stupid do you think we are?

You have written numerous articles about how it is our duty to vote for who we think will be the best person for the job and the day before the campaign ends, you specifically tell us WHO to vote for.

The fact is, students of Western rely on you for their source of information regarding student issues. An endorsement of a specific candidate is not responsible whatsoever. The Gazette staff knows the power of this endorsement and exploits it every year. I wish this wasn't the case, but it is quite apparent after every presidential election campaign.

Mike Lawless
King's College Students' Council President 2000-2001
Honours History II

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