Volume 93, Issue 76

Tuesday, February 15, 2000


Opinion not warranted in campaign

Gazette deals death blow?

Apathy rules

Gazette deals death blow?

To the Editor:
During the University Students' Council presidential campaign period, I fought so hard for what I believed in. And what do I believe in?

I believe in you. I believe in the 552 people who believed enough in me to vote for me. I believe in every student here at Western recognizing their full potential. I believe in making sure that a USC exists here not for themselves, but for the students.

I challenged the status quo and tried to tear down a wall that many students have come to associate with the USC. What The Gazette wrote about me the day before the elections was not only blatant misrepresentation, it was a death blow. It was an attempt to destroy all that we had accomplished in the preceding two weeks. When you fight for something that is so noble and so right, sooner or later you prevail. This was not our time.

My name was never important in the process. It was your names and your dreams that stay with me to this day. Few people will give me credit for the fight, but that is never why I was here either. I was here for you and still am.

My campaign was never about bag tags, blimps, or T-shirts – it was all about the most important thing here at Western: the students. I have no regrets.

Be not afraid, for the train of C.A.R.E. never derailed. It just took a different route and is still on track for a better Western and a better you.

Luke "Casanova" Petrykowski
Biology II

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