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Tuesday, February 15, 2000


Mustangs ride high into the playoffs

Eliminating the competition.

A legend lost to the stars

Track and field teams fine tune for OUAs

Athenas taken to school by Western

Track and field teams fine tune for OUAs

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

Saturday's Windsor Team Challenge showed Western's track and field team has only fine tuning to accomplish before the Ontario University Athletic finals in two weeks.

Both the women and men faired extremely well in the tournament, with the women finishing number one at this meet for the first time in 12 years.

They beat teams from Detroit Mercy University and the universities of Guelph and Windsor. The men missed the top spot by 50 points to Windsor, but still beat out Guelph and the American school, Macomb College.

Head coach Vickey Croley said she was thrilled with the women's results, adding it was a good indication of how the team will compete against number two nationally ranked Windsor in the OUAs.

"[Windsor] didn't have their full team there and neither did we, so we'll see who shows up come the finals," she said.

"It's a tight race on paper between both of our teams. In previous years I've been more optimistic than pessimistic. This year I think we can really do it."

Event organizer and Windsor head coach Dennis Fairall said he was impressed with both the Western women and men and said this was a good forecast of how the season would end.

"It looks pretty close in both teams," Fairall said of Windsor and Western's competitive level.

Fairall said meets like last weekend's are important to have at this stage of the year, but added it was difficult having only four teams competing in all the events. "This is like a condensed version of the OUs. It is important to have a type of meet that's scored and simulates how the finals are going to be."

As for the men, Croley said the team still has some adjustments to make, especially with the relay events. "We were hoping to have the relay established, but it didn't happen this weekend. The [4x800 metre, 4x400 metre and 4x200 metre] all have three or four guys still fighting for positions. We should be solidifying those spots this Friday," she said. "Other than that, the guys continued to have great performances at the middle distances."

Men's captain Jim Wardle won three bronze medals on Saturday and took home athlete of the meet honours. He said he was surprised when he heard news of the award.

"I didn't expect it at all. I was actually doing my cool down outside of the event when I heard them announce it. None of my times were outstanding, but I guess they looked at the amount of races I was in."

He said the team looks really good and added it might be even better then he first thought.

The Mustangs compete at home this Friday at the Western Open.

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