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Wednesday, February 16, 2000


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Warriors can't solve the Mustangs' defence

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Warriors can't solve the Mustangs' defence

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MAN, LOOK AT THAT ONE GO. All Waterloo could do this weekend was watch Western run away with the victory.

By Patrick Kane
Gazette Writer

The Western women's basketball team may have rolled into Waterloo a little wearisome Saturday, but they still played well enough to secure a win over the Athenas.

The women b-ballers improved their record to 16-2 with a 65-51 win over Waterloo. Western captain Holli Clarkson said the win was not the prettiest one, but it was enough to keep the winning streak alive.

"We were not really into the game for the first half. Coming straight off the bus and onto the court is mentally tough," Clarkson said, adding an improved second half secured the victory.

Western head coach Bob Delaney said the slow offensive start was eliminated by focusing on strong defence. "Our shots just weren't dropping for us. We played with greater intensity on defence which brought our offensive production up."

Delaney pointed out the outstanding rebounding of forward Lindsay Kennedy kept the Mustangs alive. "Our defensive rebounding was good, especially by Lindsay. She kept us in the game and eliminated the scoring chances that Waterloo could have had."

Offensively, the majority of the scoring came from forward Joanne Chehade, guard Cindy Scott and centre Anne Van Leeuwen. Scoring was sporadic, however, due to some unlucky bounces. "The ball wasn't going in for us," Delaney said. "We missed some good scoring opportunities which brought our confidence down."

Waterloo head coach Tom O'Brien said his squad played inconsistently. "We played well, but only for about two-thirds of the game. You can't play well for only part of the game – you have to play well the entire game."

O'Brien applauded Western's defensive play and added Delaney's ability to adjust to the opposition's strategy was what won the game.

"Western dominated the boards in the second half and eliminated our offensive chances. Bob Delaney made some changes in his defence that countered our offensive attack. He is the best coach I've seen when it comes to making strategic adjustments."

The Warriors made it tough for Western to walk away with a sure win. "They have a terrific starting five," Delaney said. "They played well but had a breakdown halfway through the game which cost them any chance to win."

Delaney said he expected the Western women to stick to the intense defence which has brought them this far, for the remaining two games. "If we play well defensively and play with intensity, the offence will take care of itself. We've been stressing intense defence all season and we will continue to stress that intensity going into the playoffs."

The Western women's basketball team aims at bringing their rugged work ethic to Guelph tonight as they take on the Gryphons.

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