Volume 93, Issue 78

Thursday, February 17, 2000


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Breakbeat resurrects d 'n' b

Aglukark sings the songs of her people

Kittie's Spit very hard to swallow

Driving Miss Daisy a smooth, theatricle ride


Kittie's Spit very hard to swallow

NG Records/Artemis Records

There's a lot of controversy surrounding Kittie, London's fastest growing band and with good reason.

These four young girls have been collaborating for just over a year and have recently risen to huge popularity. They've secured opening positions for established acts like Slipknot and have even managed to scam their way onto this year's Ozzfest tour. So the question remains – what's all this attention about?

Unfortunately, it's impossible to comprehend how these four untalented and lyrically handicapped girls managed to put out a CD, much less score a producer of the calibre of Garth Richards (Rage Against The Machine).

From play to stop (which usually occurs shortly after play for this one), this is most definitely – without any room for debate – the worst album you will ever subject yourself to. Every song is comprised of pathetic guitar riffs repeated to the point where, if not careful, one could easily end up in a damp corner wearing nothing but a thong, holding your favourite childhood stuffed animal, smashing your head against the wall while screaming, "For the love of God, just make it stop!"

The lead single "Brackish" is indicative of the rest of the album and ultimately represents nothing more than three minutes and six seconds of life you will never get back. Every aspect of their music, from the singing (which resembles that of Janet Reno yelling) to the unorganized compositions, reserve the band a spot beside Vanilla Ice in the bad trend annals of history.

Whatever you do, make sure to leave it on the shelf. Unless of course you're looking for that puuur-fect gag gift to give to that special someone you want to break up with. And if you have already had to withstand the horrible experience of listening to this CD, then on behalf of the music world, I apologize.

Simply put, Kittie is shitty.

–Dale Wyatt

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