Volume 93, Issue 78

Thursday, February 17, 2000


Endorsing the use of free thought

Cover photo same as pornography

Cover photo same as pornography

Re: "Front page photo" Feb. 8

To the Editor:

I am appalled The Gazette would not only insert, but place on the front page, the photo of the two "generous souls" kissing at the Charity Ball.

First of all, this picture is in extremely bad taste. Would we ever find a picture of two men kissing in our humble student newspaper? Obviously not. I talked to friends throughout the day and all the comments were the same – every male who saw the photo whooped and exclaimed how "awesome" it was and every female was shocked and outraged.

Is The Gazette so badly in need of a lead that they resort to making one of the biggest, most talked-about events of the year seem like a drunken make-out fest to all who did not attend?

Why not take a photo of the committee heads holding up a cheque for how much money was raised for charity? (hence the words: Charity Ball). Or, a group of happy friends sitting around laughing and having a good time? If we wanted an adult magazine, we could head over to the drugstore – I hear they have a great selection.

Brianne Macdonald
Social Sciences I

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