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Wednesday, February 2, 2000


Candidates return to past at Saugeen forum

Commercials warrant channel surfing

Bill proposes ban on sex and alcohol in dorms

Penalties laid on four candidates

Kapoor bleeds purple with passion

USC needs a watchdog


Bass Ackwards

Commercials warrant channel surfing

By Mark Pytlik
Gazette Staff

With the help of TVWestern, the University Students' Council presidential candidates have churned out one minute commercials which hit the airwaves on Monday. Some candidates have seized the airtime as an opportunity to show creativity, while others have used the commercial to stress their campaign strategies. Just in case you haven't seen them, here's a brief review of each one.

Dave Braun – Braun's commercial involves, of all things, a blimp. It's a clever spoof on those cloying Mentos ads and depicts Braun trying to find a social spot on campus which will let him bring his blimp along. Overall, it's quirky and well-executed.

Dave Brebner – Not so much an ad as it is a headache – inducing barrage of photographs from Brebner's summer vacations and past drinking excursions. It's by far the most aggravating commercial. The worst part is Brebner apparently ran out of photos at around the fifteen second mark, so he loops them over again and again.

Jeff Brown – Choosing to depict himself as an exciting alternative to generic presidential hopefuls, Brown's ad is a light and energetic take on the Labatt's "Out Of The Blue" series. The mock laughter scene at the end is also a nice touch.

Mitch Chiba – Two guys go for groceries. They fill their cart with various items including Flutie Flakes, condoms and Mitch Chiba. They realize they can only afford one item. It comes down to a single roll of toilet paper or Chiba. They pick Chiba. Question: how much does he cost anyway?

Fraser Connell – The message here seems to be Connell is incapable of saying anything without first consulting his cronies. Also features the hilarious promise – "I stand for change if necessary. But not necessarily change." Glad we got that straightened out.

Neil Kapoor – Kapoor's ad splices actual footage from American Pie with his own footage to strategically create the illusion that he's "into" pies, has a penchant for stripping and once got lucky with an aggressive flautist. This commercial is the rawest and bawdiest of them all.

Ray Novak – Opting to show a quirkier side, Novak's spot is a play on the Herbal Essences ads, touting his platform as a "completely organic experience." It's worthy, if not solely for the scene depicting the usually stolid Novak pressed up against a door in anticipation of the emergence of a post-orgasmic voter.

Luke Petrykowski – This kung fu film homage sees Petrykowski in a karate gi ascending the various levels of the UCC on a mission to recapture the USC office. On the way, he battles various Western ailments like student apathy and tuition increases by, well, beating them up kung fu style.

Taylor Pressey – Pressey's ad is the only one which takes the honest and direct approach. It's simply him looking at the camera trying to put across ideas. And who knows, it might even work, but why does he look so angry?

Jeff Sutton – The only spot to successfully incorporate entertainment value with actual mention of the issues. It features Sutton playing four characters stunningly akin to the four existing USC board members. "That Sutton Show" sees Darren Taup and Ally McNorris (among others) discuss the merits of Sutton's campaign in an around-the-table smoke-style discussion. Funny, if not a bit ambitious.

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