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Wednesday, February 2, 2000


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Bill proposes ban on sex and alcohol in dorms

Penalties laid on four candidates

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USC needs a watchdog


Bass Ackwards

Penalties laid on four candidates

By Paul-Mark Rendon
Gazette Staff

Four presidential candidates have been fined for various infractions to the University Students' Council election campaign by-laws.

The fines were laid down yesterday afternoon after an election committee meeting, said Mike Gelfand, Chief Returning Officer for the USC, who explained the fines work on a point accumulation basis. Fifty points would see a candidate removed from the campaign trail, he said.

Dave Brebner, a third-year honours business administration student, said he was surprised with his inclusion on the list. He said he planned to appeal the fine which listed him as having a misrepresentation of fact on his campaign rave cards.

Brebner explained as part of his list of experience, he cited himself as being the USC's promotions commissioner and had been acting in the role, but had not been given the formal title. "I'll have to talk to the person who filed the complaint," he said, explaining he would appeal the $48/six point fine.

He said if the appeal does not pass, he would be forced to black out the promotions commissioner title on all his rave cards. "That would leave me in a difficult position," he said.

Mitch Chiba, a fourth-year kinesiology student, was fined five points and $40 for a campaign bag tag appearing in the USC office. According to USC by-law 2, which details the campaign rules, no campaigning is permitted in the USC office.

Chiba said he was surprised by the infraction and would investigate who had worn the tag in the office. He added he was planning on meeting with his supporters to make sure the rules were crystal clear. "I'm not worried," he said. "I guess I'll have to clarify the rulings with my campaign team."

Fourth-year political science student Ray Novak was given two fines, worth a total of 11 points and $88.

Novak said while a $40 bag tag infraction was legitimate, he planned to appeal an unauthorized poster citation at Huron college. He explained he speculated the poster had been moved randomly by persons not on his campaign team. "A bunch of my posters have been torn down," he said.

Still, Novak said he was not too worried and had expected some accidental infractions to take place at sometime during the campaign.

Jeff Sutton, a fourth-year administrative and commercial studies student, said his infraction, which cost him a total of $64 and 8 points, was a result of unsolicited campaigning by email. "It was just an accident made by my roommate with good intentions," he said. "I was to blame. It's not even an issue."

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