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Wednesday, February 2, 2000


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Bill proposes ban on sex and alcohol in dorms

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USC needs a watchdog


Bass Ackwards

USC needs a watchdog

By Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

Sharp shootin' buckeroo and fourth-year political science student Ray Novak said he is running an issue-based presidential campaign so students know he is serious about tackling the issues which affect them.

"This year I'm going to be pushing very hard for a zero increase in student fees," Novak said. "We cannot continue to raise our student fees and then at the same time, raise our fists in indignation at administration because they're raising our tuition. It's just not credible."

Novak added he would like to see a freeze on student fees, so the University Students' Council could then move towards targeted cuts. He explained the creation of a USC internal audit committee would help determine where cuts could be made. "I've looked into this and it already exists at some other [university student] councils."

Novak explained the audit committee would act as an internal watchdog and consist of council members, the VP-finance and be chaired by a student-at-large. "[It would] analyze things, take a fee, look at it and call in the people that are dealing with that money. I think it's very crucial."

One of the things the proposed audit committee would tackle are non-academic fees, Novak said.

"A major concern I have is non-academic fees. With Western, we face this sort of creep, with fees beyond tuition," he said.

Novak said he has looked into the three separate fees paid to daycares at Western and stressed the importance of using the USC's student services committee.

"The student services committee may have been under utilized in the past," he said. Novak explained the committee has the power to block increases in ancillary fees or propose decreases. "That's a tool that needs to be used."

A second tool Novak feels would be of good use is ambition. "If something's being discussed that I don't agree with, then I'm not going to just raise my placard and go home. I'm going to follow through with issues," he said.

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