Volume 93, Issue 69

Wednesday, February 2, 2000


Candidates return to past at Saugeen forum

Commercials warrant channel surfing

Bill proposes ban on sex and alcohol in dorms

Penalties laid on four candidates

Kapoor bleeds purple with passion

USC needs a watchdog


Bass Ackwards


InfoSource will hang you out to dry

The University Students' Council and Sketchley's drycleaning have teamed up to provide a service to students, staff and faculty.

The drycleaning service, which opened yesterday, will operate through the InfoSource desk. Sarah Hayden, a fourth-year history student and employee at the InfoSource, said students could now bring their "dryclean only" garments to their desk. The clothes would then be shipped to Sketchley's. She added pick-up was also operated through the InfoSource desk.

"We are attempting to bring things on campus to make it more self-contained, providing students with services," Hayden said.

All Western students, staff and faculty are guaranteed a 10 per cent price discount. She added prices would vary according to the item. "Something that requires special attention will cost more to clean than other garments."

Hayden said each service would require from two to four days for completion, excluding leather materials which would require two weeks.

–Katie Acton

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