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Wednesday, February 2, 2000


Western lays the smack down on Windsor Lancers

Mustangs squash - literally

Weekend roundup

Western lays the smack down on Windsor Lancers

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SO ANYWAY, I SAYS TO MABLE, I SAYS... Western's men's and women's volleyball teams had such an easy time in Windsor, they were able to discuss other matters at the net.

By Chad Thompson
Gazette Staff

It was a smashing good time for the Western men's volleyball team this weekend, as they rolled over the Windsor Lancers in three sets. Western took the contest by scores of 25-17, 25-19 and 27-25.

Windsor head coach Huub Kemmere said he was disappointed with the game results. "We're not playing with the same intensity," he said, of his team's play in this game compared to the rest of the year.

"It's a different group of guys," Kemmere said, adding the team has juggled their lineup to find the right players. "It is difficult to find good combinations."

Western head coach Joffre Ribout said his team seemed to be on fire. "We put some players in who usually don't see court time and they carried the play."

Western co-captain and setter Peter Testa said he was very pleased with the team's play and agreed with his coach's assessment. "We came out energized and kicked them around," he said. "We got guys in who normally do not get in."

Although Western won in three sets, Testa said the score was not indicative of their play. "We played better than the score shows. We were very loose."

Ribout said Western's regulars were beginning to work very well as a unit. "They have gotten used to the different lineups used on any night and they are starting to gel and gain more confidence in each other."

"The ball is staring to roll," Testa agreed. "The morale is increasing and the play is increasing. It is a snowball effect and we're on a steep hill."

Kemmere said the Mustangs' ability to play well together could be attributed to the length of time they have played together. "These guys have been together for three years. They're good, they're ranked ninth in the country and I'm sure they are going to get better."

Western has only a few league games remaining and both Testa and Ribout said they would be crucial for playoff preparation.

"We have three matches left and we have to put together three good matches," Testa said, adding the full power of Western has not been seen yet. "We are waiting to let loose."

"[Over the next few matches] we are looking to fine tune and send a message that we are ready to play anyone," Ribout said. He added they hope to knock Wilfrid Laurier University out of the playoffs Friday so they won't have to face them in the playoffs. "We want to get rid of them before they haunt us later."

Western travels up the 401 to play Laurier this Friday at 8 p.m..

By Sean Maraj
Gazette Staff

To paraphrase former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, it's okay to sleep with an elephant, but take heed, as it may roll over.

On Saturday, the Windsor Lancers discovered what it feels like to be squashed by an elephant, as the Western women's volleyball team rolled over Windsor, winning in straight sets, 25-10, 25-17 and 25-13.

The Mustangs continued their domination of the Ontario University Athletics West division by taking advantage of a lacklustre performance by the Lancers.

The squad maintained their strangle hold over first place and also prolonged their season-long undefeated record.

Western head coach Dean Lowrie said he was pleased with how the game turned out and commended his team for an all around solid performance.

He also pointed out that the team's success was assisted by the flat play of the Lancers.

"The whole team played really well. I don't think Windsor played as well as they could, but we got to run and see different combinations on the court," Lowrie said.

He was also happy with the intensity his team displayed but noted there was still room for the team to improve in certain areas.

Western's outside hitter Jill Gottschalk agreed the Windsor team did not play to their full potential against their rivals.

"We played really well, a real team effort and everyone got on the floor," she said.

"Windsor didn't play their best game. We attacked well and Windsor couldn't handle it."

Lancers head coach Sandy D'Amico said he was not impressed by his team's performance on the night, admitting they were completely outplayed.

"They kicked our asses. They're a topped rank team and they proved it against us," D'Amico said. "They want to go undefeated and they did it quick and clean against us."

With this game behind them, the Mustangs move on to play the Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks who are looking to pull off a second place finish.

Lowrie said he expected Laurier to put up more of a fight than Windsor and was already making preparations for the game.

"We'll be working on a lot of blocking and a lot of defence and we're going to get back to our routine before the game against Laurier," Lowrie said.

Western's Mustangs and the Golden Hawks clash this Friday at Laurier at 6 p.m..

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