Volume 93, Issue 70

Thursday, February 3, 1999


USC grills hopefulls

Mystery liquid causes concern

Access 2000 starts off with a bang

Study finds more stress in unmarried moms

Passion motivates Petrykowski's campaign

Sense of community tops Pressey's prez list



Passion motivates Petrykowski's campaign

By John Intini
Gazette Staff

Gun-slinger and presidential candidate Luke Petrykowski is proud that he has been quick to the draw by pointing out what he feels are holes in the current University Students' Council.

"I've been the only one taking on the USC," he said, which in his opinion, has taken courage – one of his greater strengths.

The second-year biology student, who also listed passion and energy as two other positive attributes, said if elected USC president he would work diligently towards bridging the gap which he said exists between the USC and students. The solution to this problem lies in his list of 10 initiatives, he added.

One of these ideas is an office of the student advocate, which he said would address any problems and concerns students may have. As well, a number of the initiatives were internet-based, which would put a face on the USC.

"The biggest problem in this university is the USC's relationship with the students," he said. "My ideas are meant to inspire, assist, motivate and aid students."

Petrykowski said one of his greatest weaknesses is a lack of connections within Western's fraternity sphere. Although he said many of the other candidates will be able to count on the fraternity vote come election day, this shortcoming does not concern Petrykowski. He said he will simply rely on friends for support.

If elected, getting students motivated about the issue of tuition hikes is another one of Petrykowski's main goals. Accessibility and the other problems associated with rising tuition fees are currently the biggest issue facing students, he said.

Once students become inspired, Petrykowski said he thinks they will join him in the quest towards affecting government policy. "With students behind you, you can accomplish so much more," he added.

According to Petrykowski, he is the best candidate among the 10 hopefuls. "If I thought in my heart I wasn't the best candidate, I would have stepped down," he said. "I'm still waiting to see some real passion from the other candidates – not just smoke and mirrors."

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