Volume 93, Issue 70

Thursday, February 3, 1999


Prof needs to go back to school

Sportos shouldn't play in big leagues

Prof needs to go back to school

Re: "Psych prof accused of racism" Feb. 1

To the Editor:

This is in regards to the article "Psych prof accused of racism." In it, the prof circulated a 108 page summary of his book, Race, Evolution and Behavior, which caused some debate and anger across North America. The title is almost self-explanatory.

Mr. Rushton seemed to piss me off, because of his ignorance in genetics and his attempt to use it without regard to what he is saying. I'll quote him "...there are lots of genes involved. The genes are laid down by evolution, so ultimately the differences are due to evolution."

If he spent anytime in an introductory evolution or genetics course, he would know that evolution is not based on perfection, but on descent with modification.

In other words, adapting to your environment, via natural selection. The term race is also a word that isn't used in genetics – instead, the word population is used.

For example, in Africa, there are West Africans and East Africans. Although they have the same skin colour, they are different populations with different features and cultures. The same can be said with different populations all over Europe and Asia.

Also, I believe Mr. Rushton, should look outside London and explore the world. He's looking at everything within his limited scope and with a social and economic bias.

No valid scientist from across the continent actually took his findings seriously and are now accusing him of racism.

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