Volume 93, Issue 70

Thursday, February 3, 1999


Prof needs to go back to school

Sportos shouldn't play in big leagues

Sportos shouldn't play in big leagues

Re: "NBA super stars sell out" Jan. 28

To the Editor:

I am glad the year is almost over.

My optimistic nature gives me hope that next year The Gazette will finally get capable people to write sports columns. I think Western students have had to endure long enough with pathetic sports reporting over the past two years.

Maybe that assessment is too harsh. I do think your coverage of university sports has been adequate. It's when the sports editors decide to write their columns on sports outside of the university realm, most especially the attacking columns, that the flaws become so evident.

Wes Brown's column on NBA super star sell outs is just another in a long line of misguided attacks. If you are going to attack someone PLEASE get your facts correct.

Wes claims that Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Isiah Thomas are sell outs for not returning to the NBA in an administrative or coaching role with the team they spent most of their careers, but rather some other team. Could there be other reasons that these players chose the new organizations over their old ones? Wes fails to look into that.

Thomas for example. Maybe he wanted to own a team and an expansion team was the best and perhaps only way to do this. Also he had many conflicts with the Detroit organization during his time there.

As for Jordan, Wes also failed to mention that he tried to be a part of the Milwaukee team before going to Washington. Did it occur to you that Washington is closer to North Carolina, his home? I'm not disagreeing that these players aren't being disloyal, but please do a better job of arguing your point.

Did it not occur to you to look into the fact that perhaps the organizations these players were a part of didn't want these former players to be a part of them? Did it occur to you that maybe these people didn't want to live and bring their children up in Detroit, Chicago and Boston? Perhaps Toronto, Washington and Indianapolis looked like nicer places to live. OK, maybe not Washington. There could be a multitude of reasons these players chose not to go back to their old organizations.

Finally lets take Bird, where your argument loses all credibility.

He is from Indiana and went to Indiana State University. To call him disloyal is just plan IGNORANT! He is being loyal. Loyal to his hometown – his state.

Why should he have loyalty to Boston over Indiana?

Did it occur to you maybe, just maybe, he wanted to live back home in Indiana over Boston? Oh, what an awful man for wanting to live near his family.

In this day and age it is so easy to attack sports athletes. From drugs, greed, violence, sexual assaults and well the list goes on, athletes have proven themselves no better then us mere mortals who couldn't hit a buzzer-beater if our lives depended on it. If you are going to take the route of attack, then at least to a good job of it.

With every bad column and misused fact that readers see, you begin to lose your credibility as a writer. When you finally do write something of worth, something interesting or creative, no one will care or even read it for that matter.

Matthew Romanada
History II

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